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Services Offered

We can help you coordinate any and all types of funeral services. You can choose to have a funeral in our funeral home chapel, at a temple, at the gravesite, or at another place of your choosing. We can also assist with cremation, entombment, donation, disinterment and reinterment. We can help with burials in a Jewish cemetery, a nonsectarian cemetery, a town cemetery, or a veteran’s cemetery. With some Jews choosing to marry out of the faith, we are able to help bury both partners of an interfaith couple as well. We at the Ascher-Zimmerman Funeral Home are here to aid anyone that would like our help.


We strive to provide families with a funeral service that is as unique and personal as the memories of your loved one. The Ascher-Zimmerman Funeral Home prides itself on personalized and compassionate service. We can customize your loved one’s funeral by playing music, displaying pictures, or other custom memorializations. We are here to help you with various alternatives and suggestions that may be most appropriate for you and your family.

Help with Governmental Agencies

The Ascher-Zimmerman Funeral Home can also be of great assistance when dealing with various governmental agencies. Whether ordering certified death certificates, contacting social security on your behalf, or helping you fill out Veteran’s Administration applications or insurance claim forms, we can help.


At the Ascher-Zimmerman Funeral Home, we have an extensive collection of files from every funeral we have provided services for since the day our doors first opened in 1954. With that information, we are able to help many families fill in the gaps of their genealogical research. We are able to provide you with information as well as photocopies of many public records such as death certificates, marriage certificates, military discharges and obituaries when available.

General Knowledge

The Ascher-Zimmerman Funeral Home and its compassionate staff are always available to assist and counsel you. We will respond to your questions, whether you seek information about prearranging a funeral, funeral service times, shiva service times and locations, where families would like memorial contributions to be donated, to report a death, and for any other information you may need. We are always available to help you in any way that we can.

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For over 60 years

The Ascher-Zimmerman Funeral Home continues to strive to provide caring and compassionate service to the families we serve. Contact us by calling at (413) 734-5229 or by sending us a message. Click on the link below to get started.