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Losing a loved one is stressful enough without having to deal with the many decisions you are faced with while planning a funeral. Pre-arranging your eventual funeral will help ease the burden on your family by making important decisions ahead of time instead of emotional and hasty decisions at the time of need.

Why Pre-Arrange?

When pre-arranging your funeral, you are in charge. You create your own funeral with your own personal preferences. Your family does not have to wonder if they are planning your funeral the way you would have wanted. Your loved ones will know what you wanted for your funeral.

Should I Pre-Fund?

Pre-planning does not need to be funded, but may be if you so choose. By pre-funding, you can place aside monies to be used towards your eventual funeral. Funeral expenses can place an unexpected burden on your surviving family and friends. Some people choose to place monies aside for funeral expenses before funds have been depleted. Savings may quickly dwindle if your loved one has entered a nursing home or has suffered a long-term illness. Other times individuals need to spend down their money to meet Medicaid eligibility requirements.

Pre-funding can be done in one simple payment, or divided into payments over time. 100% of your funds are placed in the trust department of a locally based bank in an irrevocable interest bearing account.

Is My Information Safe?

Any and all information that you give to us is stored at the funeral home as well as scanned into a digital file to be easily accessed for when it is needed. Keep your prearrangement papers with any other valuable papers you may have, review them periodically, and update them as necessary. Remember, when you prearrange your funeral, you are in charge. If at any time, you have questions about any part of prearranging a funeral, or you want to make changes to your pre-arrangement please feel free to give us a call or email us directly.

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