Services Offered

We can help you coordinate any and all types of funeral services. You can choose to have a funeral in our funeral home chapel, at a temple, at the gravesite, or at another place of your choosing. We can also assist with cremation, entombment, donation, disinterment and reinterment. We can help with burials in a Jewish cemetery, a nonsectarian cemetery, a town cemetery, or a veteran’s cemetery. With some Jews choosing to marry out of the faith, we are able to help bury both partners of an interfaith couple as well. We at the Ascher-Zimmerman Funeral Home are here to aid anyone that would like our help.


We strive to provide families with a funeral service that is as unique and personal as the memories of your loved one. The Ascher-Zimmerman Funeral Home prides itself on personalized and compassionate service. We can customize your loved one’s funeral by playing music, displaying pictures, or other custom memorializations. We are here to help you with various alternatives and suggestions that may be most appropriate for you and your family.

Help with Governmental Agencies

The Ascher-Zimmerman Funeral Home can also be of great assistance when dealing with various governmental agencies. Whether ordering certified death certificates, contacting social security on your behalf, or helping you fill out Veteran’s Administration applications or insurance claim forms, we can help.


At the Ascher-Zimmerman Funeral Home, we have an extensive collection of files from every funeral we have provided services for since the day our doors first opened in 1954. With that information, we are able to help many families fill in the gaps of their genealogical research. We are able to provide you with information as well as photocopies of many public records such as death certificates, marriage certificates, military discharges and obituaries when available.

General Knowledge

The Ascher-Zimmerman Funeral Home and its compassionate staff are always available to assist and counsel you. We will respond to your questions, whether you seek information about prearranging a funeral, funeral service times, shiva service times and locations, where families would like memorial contributions to be donated, to report a death, and for any other information you may need. We are always available to help you in any way that we can.

What to do When a Death Occurs

Death is inevitable. No matter how much we prepare beforehand, we are never really ready for the death of a loved one. Death requires the surviving family to cope with many new and unfamiliar emotions and decisions. When a death has occurred, we strongly encourage you to contact us immediately so that we can inform and guide you through the process of making all the necessary arrangements. As soon as you entrust your loved one into our care, you and your family can rest assured that we will treat your loved one as if they were a member of our own family. The Ascher-Zimmerman Funeral Home is available to you 24 hours a day, each and every day of the year.

When death occurs at a hospital or another facility

When the death occurs at a hospital or nursing home, the medical staff should take care of all necessary legal steps. You just need to notify the medical staff at the facility that the Ascher-Zimmerman Funeral Home is handling your loved one’s arrangements. Then either someone at the facility, or a family member, just needs to place one phone call to us so that we can go to the facility and bring your loved one back to the funeral home.

When death occurs at home

Today, more and more people are electing to die in the comfort of their own home under the care of hospice. In this situation, notify the hospice nurse that we are your chosen funeral home, and they will take care of all necessary legal requirements. In most situations, the hospice nurse will call the funeral home on your behalf to let us know of your loved one’s passing. We will then come to the home, usually within an hour, to bring your loved one back to the funeral home.

When death occurs unexpectedly

Sometimes, people pass away unexpectedly at home or elsewhere. In these situations, immediately call 911. The police and emergency medical personnel will then determine the appropriate steps to be taken. Often, the police can release your loved one directly to our funeral home. However, in certain situations, your loved one may need to go to the Medical Examiner's office so that they can determine the cause of death. Once the Medical Examiner’s office has completed their examination, you will need to sign a release form before your loved one can be released into our care. After the Medical Examiner’s office gives us permission, we will go to their office to bring your loved one back to the funeral home.

When death occurs away from the Springfield area

Should the death take place out of the Springfield area we can assist you in making all the necessary arrangements. With just one phone call to Ascher-Zimmerman, we will take care of all the details of returning your loved one back to the Springfield area. Because of our membership in the Jewish Funeral Directors of America and KAVOD, the independent Jewish Funeral Directors Association, we have extensive contacts with most Jewish Funeral Homes in the USA and Canada. Our membership in the National Funeral Directors of America aids us in locating the best funeral homes in those cities where a JFDA or KAVOD member does not exist.

What Happens at an Arrangement?

When one comes in to arrange a funeral, three basic areas are discussed. First we will write down information to fill out a death certificate. Second, we can help you to compose an obituary. And lastly, we will go over all the selections for each individual funeral. This arrangement meeting usually takes between 60 and 90 minutes.

Information for the Death Certificate

The first item we discuss in arranging a funeral is to gather statistical information in order to complete the death certificate. We will ask for  the deceased's full name, birth date and birthplace, social security number, occupation and for what kind of business or industry, the highest grade of education the deceased has completed, their parents’ names and birthplaces, and their mother’s maiden name. We will additionally ask for the name and address of the person providing this information. Lastly, we will ask for the deceased's Hebrew name. This is used by the officiating clergy member during the service.

For a Veteran:

We will ask if your loved one was a veteran. If they were, we will then ask for a copy of their DD214, their military discharge papers. We use the discharge papers to obtain an American flag to drape the casket. This flag is folded and presented to the family during the burial service, either by our staff or a military contingent. The discharge papers can also be used to apply for a veteran’s footstone to be placed at the gravesite if the cemetery of your choice allows for such a marker.

For a Surviving Spouse:

If there is a surviving spouse, we will also take their information to help them with social security. We will gather the surviving spouse’s birthdate, birthplace, and social security number. We will ask for their date and place of marriage. We will then contact social security on your behalf. With this information, social security can tell us what, if any, forms are needed to be filled out.

Composing an Obituary

Next would come the writing of the obituary. Although not legally required, most families choose to publicize a death through an obituary. We can place an obituary for you in any newspaper worldwide. When writing an obituary, take into account that many newspapers have a per line charge. An obituary can say as much or as little information as you would like. It can start with where and when the deceased was born, and to whom, followed by information about where they lived, their schooling, their work history, and any groups or organizations they belonged to. Lastly would be predeceased and surviving relatives, the where and when of the funeral, any mention of local shiva, and any mention of memorial contributions. Some families choose to include a picture to be printed with the obituary as well. This is only a beginning for composing an obituary. We can help you create an obituary that is right for you.

Funeral Selections

Lastly, we would review the specific selections for your loved one’s funeral. Most items are straight forward and simple, but there are a few selections that you would have to make. A decision needs to be made as to where the funeral would be held; either at the funeral home, a temple, solely a graveside service, or at another location. Second, how would you like to be transported during the service? Would you like to use your own cars or be driven by a limousine? Third would be the selection of a casket. We have pictures of all the caskets available for you to see. We will also review all the associated costs of all the selections of the funeral you have chosen. At this time we would also discuss what items are not included from the funeral home; such items as the cemetery expense, the headstone, and the mourner’s meal. We would discuss who the pallbearers could be. Lastly, we will ask you if you have any special requests that we can help you include in the funeral service, and how to go about doing them, to make the funeral service more meaningful for you, your family, and friends.

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